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una importante Realtà

A noteworthy establishment in development since the 1970s and which has made an impact on the market right from the start as one of the best precision mechanics and metalworking companies: straight from the beginning, the mission of our founder, Mr. Maurizio Ghidoni, is engaging in highly technological and high-precision mechanical machining for his customers, through the use of the latest CNC machine tools, along with more traditional solutions.

The founding partners of GHIDONI SRL can also boast ten years of experience (1997-2007) in the packaging business, having designed, manufactured and marketed packaging machines both in Italy and abroad, with excellent results. But the ever-growing results of the Company in the business of precision mechanics for 3rd-party clients led us to pool all of our resources in that field and expand in a new and recently built plant on a surface of 3,800 sq. m.